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Bespoke Supply Kitting Solutions

Archerdale offers custom packaging, kitting and sub-assembly services for all MRO, production and assembly line needs.

Through Collaborative Working and Consultation we ensure customers’ needs are met with a variety of services such as Stock Management Systems, Kitting, Assembly and Bespoke Packaging.

Benefits of Archerdale packaging:

  • Streamline your production, decrease costs and reduce your inventory
  • Streamline your supply chain
  • Reduce packing errors and costs associated with lost or mixed parts

Whether you have a simple bag with one or two components or a complex box with a wide variety of parts, Archerdale has the solution to meet your needs. If you have Stock Management requirements we can incorporate kits and kitted components into our service to maintain stock levels on your site.

  • All packaging is done in house. No secondary sourcing of packaging and kitting. You provide the bill of material and we will provide the finished kit.
  • Ability to package simple kits of one or two components or more complex kits with various parts, including Branding, Header Cards and Instruction Sheets
  • Capacity to meet any temporary or long term increases in demand changes.
  • Printing capability with Logos, Part Numbers, Batch Codes, Bar Codes, and Serial Numbers
  • Kitting and Bespoke Packaging either for re-sale or as a time saver at point of assembly

Our recently introduced Bar-Code scanning system for off-site supplies has proven both popular and extremely efficient for customers where requirements are immediately emailed to our sales office resulting in more efficient stock levels and reduction of down time.


Additional to our Bespoke Packaging and Kitting we also offer simple Sub-assembly of nuts, bolts and washers screwing products together so customers receive the goods pre-assembled ensuring all items are there, they match and are ready to use.

Archerdale Bespoke Supply Kitting Solutions
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